Ramit Sawhney

Software Developer
Google Scholar

I’m currently working as a Core Engineering Software Developer at Tower Research Capital on Machine Learning problems. A recent graduate and department rank 1 from NSIT, Delhi, my research interests include Natural Language Processing, Evolutionary Computation and Biomedical and Financial applications of Machine Learning.

Having previously worked with Samsung Research, IBM Research, Georgia Institute of Technology, The University of Texas complement my interests and align with my goal of solving problems impacting millions, progressively and collaboratively within MIDAS.


MeTooMA: Multi-Aspect Annotations of Tweets Related to the MeToo movement.

Leveraging BERT with Mix Up for Sentence Classification

An Iterative Approach for Identifying Complaint Based Tweets in Social Media Platforms

Suicide Risk Assessment via Temporal Psycholinguistic Modeling

Emotion Analysis on Social Media: Impact of Psychological and Contextual Cues

ESAS: Towards Practical and Explainable Short Answer Scoring

Analysis of Parliamentary Debate Transcripts Using Community-Based Graphical Approaches.

CISNet - Leveraging Community Interaction and Social Network Graphs For Detection Of Religious Hate Speech In Arabic

ARHNet-Leveraging Community Interaction for Detection of Religious Hate Speech in Arabic

#youtoo_ Detection Of Personal Recollections Of Sexual Harassment On Social Media

Speak up, Fight Back! Detection of Social Media Disclosures of Sexual Harassment

SNAP-BATNET: Cascading Author Profiling and Social Network Graphs for Suicide Ideation Detection on Social Media

Investigating Political Herd Mentality: A Community Sentiment Based Approach

Did you offend me? Classification of Offensive Tweets in Hinglish Language

Exploring and Learning Suicidal Ideation Connotations in Social Media with DL

Detecting Offensive Tweets in Hindi-English Code-Switched Language