PhD Scholar

I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at MIDAS-Lab (website rarely updated) in IIIT-D, advised by Prof. Rajiv Ratn Shah.

My research revolves around Adversarial Networks, Meta-learning, QA and Speech. I am particularly interested in the business and public policy side of these things.

I am also an Artificial Intelligence research scholar for companies like Benesse Corp and Berlitz Inc.

In the daytime, I churn out software for Adobe.

You can get more info about me by checking out the links above.


Harnessing GANs for Zero-shot Learning of New Classes in Visual Speech Recognition.

MobiVSR: Efficient and Light-weight Neural Network for Visual Speech Recognition on Mobile Devices.

MIDAS at SemEval-2019 Task 9: Suggestion Mining from Online Reviews using ULMFiT.

MIDAS at SemEval-2019 Task 6: Identifying Offensive Posts and Targeted Offense from Twitter

Identifying Adverse Drug Reactions and Personal Health Experience Mentions from Twitter

IceBreaker: Solving Cold Start Problem for Video Recommendation Engines

MyLipper: A Personalized System for Speech Reconstruction using Multi-view Visual Feeds

Get IT Scored using AutoSAS - An Automated System for Scoring Short Answers

Mind Your Language: Abuse and Offense Detection for Code-Switched Languages

DeepLip: Speaker Independent Speech Synthesis using Multi-View Lipreading

Lipper: Synthesizing Thy Speech using Multi-View Lipreading

Kiki Kills: Identifying Dangerous Challenge Videos from Social Media

Harnessing AI for Speech Reconstruction using Multi-view Silent Video Feed