Siddharth Dhawan

B.Tech Student

I am a B.Tech Computer Science Undergraduate at IIIT Delhi, in my senior year. I am broadly interested in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. At MIDAS, I am working on the problem of suggesting citations for academic papers. My B.Tech Thesis is about Unsupervised Cross-Domain Adaptation of Person Re-identification, as a part of which I have been experimenting with Style Transfer, Conditional Image Generation and Disentangled Representations. I interned at Adobe Systems in the Summer of 2019, where I worked on the problem of assigning relevant names to scanned documents in the Adobe Scan App. I am also interested in Competitive Programming. I manage FooBar, the Comptetitive Programming Club at IIIT Delhi and I have been to multiple ICPC Asia Onsite Regional Contests during the years of my Undergraduate Eduaction.