Aarya Patel

B.Tech Student

I’m a third year undergraduate student at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology,Noida.I have undertaken Computer Science Engineering. My objective is to pursue graduate studies in computer science and engineering, leading to a career in research.I’m interested in Computer Vision and Deep Learning. I have completed the Deep Learning Specialization on Cousera. I am very enthusiastic about Deep Learning because it gives us chance to learn about our own brain.This topic is very fresh in the computer Science field. So, it gives us an opportunity to contribute in this New world.I chose artificial intelligence because AI technology will becomes the part of everyone’s life. From small to big work everyone will be using AI to generate leads and remove the work pressure. These technologies are so advanced that you don’t have to write code for every activity. They understand the motion of work automatically.Most companies are already leveraging AI in their applications such as self driving cars,UAVs , medical science , banks and financial systems and many more.It will be the a potential game changer that will revolutionise our lives.But it is our duty to keep AI in face hands ,so that it is not exploited by bad organisations.