Harsh Shrivastava

B.Tech Student

I’m a Bachelors in Engineering (Computer Science) third-year student working in the field of Deep Learning. I’m a result-oriented, highly motivated, focused and hardworking student who wants to work in Artificial Intelligence Research & Development.

I see huge potential in Deep Learning in solving Medical Science Problems and I am quite interested and passionate about solving those problems. I have experience of over 7 months working as an Intern in Data Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and have worked on some exciting projects. I’m continuously learning and improving my Research Calibre and Knowledge in the field to further take forward the research and development in this area.

To know more about my work experience or just want to discuss your ideas with me, do email me at harsh.vardhan.shri@gmail.com.

Thank you for visiting my profile.


Multilingual Sentiment Analysis

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