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An Algorithmist, A Developer @Adobe, A Researcher @MIDAS and @Media Management Research Lab (National University Of Singapore), a Computer Engineer @NSIT Interested in Business and Tech side of things

Hey there, this is Yaman. I am a reserarcher working in MIDAS and Media Management Research Lab (NUS) since 2018. My primary research interests lie in theoretical machine learning, representational learning, NLP and Audio-Visual Speech Recognition (AVSR). For knowing about my work, visit my Google Scholar profile (provided above) or visit the MIDAS Projects webpage. I graduated from NSIT (University of Delhi, India) in 2018 and since then have joined Adobe Systems as a Developer (MTS).

In addition to this, I have a great interest in Operating Systems and Networks due to them being behemoth systems while simultaneously being able to work flawlessly and coherently.

I would love if someone with similar or even disparate research interests would like to collaborate with me and MIDAS.


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